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About taffeco

Our Philosophy:

taffeco was developed as a company to exceed the expectations of today’s Real Estate Professionals, a company “Where People Matter.” Our focus is on the individual growth and development of our Team of Agents; what we can do to help you grow both personally and professionally.

Our unprecedented compensation plans are combined with the structure and support of a traditional brokerage, providing the highest level of technology, training, and education at the lowest cost. As the real estate market continues to change, we are structured to adapt one step ahead of it.

We are hands-on-value-driven, because it is not possible to be an excellent company without clarity about values, and without having the right set of values. We stand by our core values, which are:

Our Mission:

To become the leading real estate company in the United States as a Brand that will completely re-set the standards of excellent within the industry.

Our Vision:

As the leading real estate company in the United States, we will provide the greatest commission structure in the market today, while still providing the tools and education that will allow our Real Estate Professional’s to achieve both personal growth and financial success.